Transformational Energy

Reimagine net zero energy landscape


To accelerate the transition towards an affordable and sustainable net zero energy system.


Develop and commercialise a cutting-edge technology portfolio that accelerates the transition towards a sustainable global energy system and deliver competitive returns

Need for radical innovation and rapid commercialisation

  • Addressing the complex paradigm of need for cleaner and greener energy sources, vs the challenge of cost competitiveness and securing commercial viability.
  • Develop and commercialise a cutting-edge technology portfolio that accelerated the transition towards a sustainable global energy system and deliver competitive returns
  • Build an energy system independent of O&G volatility
  • Deliver transformational technology portfolio for greener, affordable and sustainable energy landscape

Core technology portfolio

  • Synthetic biology derived zero emissions fuels
  • Deliver industrial circularity with carbon neutral fuels and SAF
  • Advanced material science for rare earth alternates

Our Capabilities and Expertise

Industrial biology

Leverage the advancements in synthetic biology and biomanufacturing to develop clean and sustainable energy products, such as LNG, LPG, Hydrogen and Ammonia. The biomanufacturing pathways operate at low pressure and moderate temperature conditions, to deliver cost competitive energy products, as compared to fossil fuel incumbents. Energy products developed from waste feedstock, thus embedding circularity and carbon neutrality.

Ammonia value

Highly efficient and low-cost electrochemical pathway for Ammonia synthesis, Ammonia cracking and conversion of Ammonia-to-Power. Enabler for use of Ammonia as an energy source in regions such as mainland Europe and Far-East with energy generated at cost parity with grid prices in 2022. Deliver an end-to-end zero emissions energy system and global trade route, with quicker market entry as compared to direct Hydrogen export.

Systems engineering and commercialisation

Demonstrated commercialisation and scale-up expertise to accelerate market entry and product maturation. Systems engineering to accelerate risk reduction, prototyping, certification and product manufacturing. Industry leading and cutting edge capabilities in genetic engineering and bio-foundry tools to make sustainable and cost competitive energy products. Leverage capabilities in advanced reactor design, bioformulation capabilities, in-house HPHT facility.

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