How to Fix iPhone Won’t Restore Problems 2023

You can fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo by hard reset. Today, we are going to introduce the solutions to iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

firmware file corrupt ipad

In some cases, upgrading iTunes can’t solve the problem of firmware file is not compatible. But sometimes uninstalling iTunes from your computer, the files and something caused by this problem may be removed. So you can try to uninstall iTunes from your computer and then install it again.

  • If you are still unable to install iOS 16 on your device, then the next method involves using iTunes.
  • The newest version of the operating system of the iPhone is known as iOS 16.
  • I have tried many traditional ways to fix the problem, like checking the Wi-Fi router, resetting network settings, upgrade to the current iOS version.
  • Click here to know how to force restart your iPhone model.
  • You can use it as one of the solutions to fix iPhone won’t restore problem and recover your device.
  • Recovery Mode in iPhone is a troubleshooting process that diagnose the iOS problem and repairs it.

If your device is low on storage then you might see the error message of failure downloading the iOS 16. This is because it does not have the space for the latest iOS files.

  • Select all needed files and click Recover to start the restoration job.
  • How can you fix the issue if your Lenovo won’t boot?
  • When dealing with corrupted backups, there are a couple third-party apps that may help you.
  • So, it’s best to use a renowned iPhone fixing tool like WooTechy iPhixer.

In order to fix iPhone won’t restore error like this, check the quality of the USB/lightning cable. Try using a different computer or replace your cable. An error like this might happen due to a hardware issue. If you still get it, then you might need to put your device on recovery stage while connecting it to your system.

Although, there is no clear iOS software repair service offered by Apple. However, the new self-service repair program by Apple would allow you to fix hardware issues. You can buy parts to replace iPhone screen, battery, and camera, etc. The steps to DFU Mode is similar to Recovery Mode. Just that the iOS device screen shows blank in DFU Mode unlike Recovery Mode, which displays ‘Connect to iTunes’ message. Whichever iOS and iPhone/ iPad model you are using DFU mode works with all. Software updates have the potential to repair iPhone issues.